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As a child, he loitered around the lush green paddy fields in his countryside thinking about the wonders of the nature around him. In everything around him, he saw a beautiful frame waiting to be captured to eternity. The little eyes were not enough to quench the thirst of his big dreams. Then he found a soul-mate, Camera, a true companion who could shoulder his dreams with the same passion.

Akbar Ismail, the little boy grew old. But his passion remained young and fresh. To pursue his dreams, he successfully graduated himself from British Photography Council and flew to Abu Dhabi and joined ‘5 feet productions’, a leading advertising company in Middle east, as their official photographer and shot everything from Fashion to Nature.

We are specialized in,
  • Traditional Photography & Videography
  • Candid/Artistic Photography
  • Fashion Photography


Creating art for your life


STUDIO ONE is a venture from Akbar Ismail hoping to impart the same class and quality here at his native place through a team of talented shutterbugs well versed in dealing with the most modern gadgets in the visual media.

STUDIO ONE focuses mainly on advertising photography and has a full-fledged studio with a shooting floor with all the needed lighting and shooting equipments. We capture the sweet events in your life in a most appropriate way to keep your blissful memories everlasting.

The floor is ideal for Model photography as well as Product photography. The team also has a division to deal with events including wedding and other memorable moments of one’s life.


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